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Gilad Krein offers business consulting services for businesses and companies. We are also experts in the development of independent chains and franchise chains. The basket of services is wide and includes, among others: business support, support for managers and CEOs, building a business plan, fundraising, budget management, organizational development, work process optimization, network development and import and export of networks.


The entire consulting process is done along with the accompaniment and implementation of organizational and business work plans, personal accompaniment of the management level and operative plans for proper budget management for your business.

Here at Gilad Krein, we see great and central importance in helping every business develop while emphasizing commitment to you and the business and providing personal and professional support throughout the entire process. We work with persistence, passion and pleasure and see every project as a new challenge.

There is no doubt that without business advice, in today’s era of competition, it is very difficult to survive. Even if you have a great idea for a necessary business. You also need proper management wisdom here.


Yermiyaho 76, Tel Aviv, Israel.


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