Tips for Taking Better of Your Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware has been more popular than Teflon-coated nonstick cookware due to healthy and environmental concern. Furthermore, ceramic coatings are inorganic, non-metallic film layer which was made from hard materials so it makes them healthy and resistant to scratching during washing. How to properly take care of your ceramic coated cookware? Here is some suggestions to help you find the best ceramic cookware and make it last forever.


How to use the ceramic cookware

Normally, it is easy for everyone to use the ceramic cookware. Unlike others, you can put ceramic cookware in the almost kind of ovens like steamer over, toaster oven, convection oven, microwave oven and on the stovetop. In addition to, it can be used to preserve food in the freezer.

Add small amount of oil or butter

Before cooking the meal, you should use a small amount of oil or butter to lightly cover the inside surface of the pan to keep foods from sticking and help to coast last forever; however, you also avoid applying cooking sprays which can damage to the pan as these cause residue build-up. Applying a tiny bit of oil is good, but not all kinds of oil are good for your ceramic cookware, the virgin olive oil is an exception. You should avoid using it to evenly coat since it can’t withstand high heat and even will leave a thin carbonized layer on the surface.

Use low to medium heat

Like many, if you cook the meal in high heat, your ceramic cannot take prolonged periods, so always use low to medium heat when cooking except you are so hungry or busy. Pre-heat, adding a small amount of oil or butter, allows the oil heat for a while before you add the food. Moreover, the ceramic cookware keeps heat effectively so cooking the meal is quick. On the contrary, the food can be stacked and damage to the inside surface.

Don’t drop a hot ceramic cookware into cold water

After cooking, you need to wait a minute to decrease the heat of ceramic cookware. Since the dramatic change in temperature may damage your ceramic cookware.

Clean the ceramic cookware

First of all, before using ceramic cookware, you should spend few minutes to read manufacturer’s instruction about how to take care of your ceramic cookware. Before cleaning a ceramic cookware, you should let it cool down and then, clean it with warm soapy water and a soft dish cloth and avoid using steel wood, nylon scrubbing pads. Don’t drop it on the floor as it causes loss of non-stick properties.

Store the ceramic cookware

Make sure that your ceramic cookware is clean before putting on the storage. You should store ceramic cookware separately from other cookware because they may make ceramic cookware scratch; therefore, when stacking any ceramics, you should put a paper napkin. In addition to, you can also buy soft, spongy pot or pan protectors to reduce scratch on both interior and exterior coatings.

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