Tips on Cleaning Cookware With Natural Essences

Today, women are always busy with not only lots of tasks in the workplace but also household chores at home. Thus, most women seem to not have too much time to focus on doing housework. Sometimes, they feel embarrassed to tale care their house. For example, some people don’t know how to select the best ceramic cookware for their kitchen. In particular, cleaning cookware is one of the biggest worry to most of them.

Close up of woman scrubbing pan

Although there are many kinds of detergents on the market nowadays, it is still suggested to clean cookware without using chemicals. However, many women seem to not know how to use natural essences which are very available in their kitchen for making cookware cleaner. So, let take a look at some following tips to add more knowledge in taking care of your kitchen.

With many available materials such as lemon, vinegar, and toothpaste, you can completely purify cookware easily without getting effects of chemical detergents. However, selecting right materials for each kitchen utensil is very important to contribute whether it is clean or not.


  • Deodorize microwave: Microwave is very helpful to heat up dishes but this maybe contain a lot of bacterium if it is not washed usually. Thus, the best way to clean a microwave is by thin slices of lemon.

Let put some slices of lemon in a ceramic bowl and then keep it in the microwave about 3 minutes with high temperature. This will contribute to loosen plaque of food. Afterward, let use a wet towel to clean it again.

  • Renew bronze things: Things made of bronze can be tarnished after a long time, so that to make them brighter again, you dust them with a little salt, and then take a half of lemon to rub time and again. Later, let use a soft towel to clean them again. Surely, you will get a surprising result.
  • Remove rust on the clothes: A small tip for wash clothes with rust is to rub time and again a piece of lemon and little salt on rust, and then expose clothes to the sun. Of course, your clothes will be cleaner.

Rice: For some bottles with small necks, it is a problem to make them clean inside. However, with only a half of rice bowl and a glass of water, you should pour this mixture into bottles and shake well. This will be a useful way to remove stains.

Ketchup: This mixture has ingredient of acids made from vinegar and tomatoes. It is very efficient to wash and renew metal cookware. You can pour ketchup in pots and pans in about 10 minutes and then wash them with water. Your cookware will be bright and clean again. In addition, to save money, American people often use ketchup to renew their cars and lights.

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  • Normally, you can see some spots on the wall of the kitchen because of cooking. Thus, let apply a little toothpaste without gel on the wall and use a toothbrush to rub well. Spots can be removed easily now. Besides, you can use toothpaste to deodorize smell for milk baby bottles.
  • Also, teapot is often caught stains when using in a long time. This kind of stain is very difficult to wash by water and detergent. Thus, you should take a small towel with little toothpaste, and then rub time and again.


Vinegar has effects to remove slime on the surface of microwave and cookware. Therefore, mixture of weak vinegar can help to clean spot and make surface of glass brighter.

Moreover, vinegar is capable of preventing growth of mold and bacterium. You can try mixing weak vinegar with water, pouring into an aerosol and then spray in the bathroom or kitchen to deodorize.

In addition, vinegar can be helpful to clean furniture well. You can mix ¼ bowl of vinegar with a little oil, dip a small towel in the mixture and clean furniture in your house. Surely, you will be surprised with its shine.

Besides, there are some other materials which are easy to use like tea dregs, baking soda, salt and orange peel. Therefore, to ensure a healthy living space with clean things both in your house and in the kitchen, wise housewives should keep these wonderful tips for themselves.

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