Sponsorship Opportunities

There are various ways to work with Tamona’s Tips. You could purchase ad space, request a blogging package, or you can opt to sponsor Tamona’s Tips at one of the many blogging conferences throughout the year.

Each conference requires a different fee. To provide full sponsorship you must pay conference fees, travel expenses, and any other personal promotional expenses (laptop skins, clothing, stationary, pens, etc.)  you require of Tamona’s Tips.

Elite Package (FULL Sponsorship including travel, and food)

  • 2 Blog Posts (each including 2 links to the company website and/or Facebook page)
  • 2 Facebook Posts per blog post
  • 10 Tweets within a 2 week time span (5 per post)
  • 1 Pin to Pinterest (depending on topic)
  • Giveaway or product review featuring a prize for 1 lucky reader
  • 1 – 125 x 125 ad in either left or right column for 6 months
  • Promotional items worn or placed on laptop (laptop skin provided by Sponsor) *Within conference
  • Appearance in Newsletter
  • Youtube video

Basic Package

  • 1 Blog Post (including 2 links to company website and/or Facebook page)
  • 1 Facebook Posts per blog post
  • 1 Tweet within a 2 week time span
  • 1 Pin to Pinterest (depending on topic)
  • Giveaway or product review featuring a prize for 1 lucky reader

**Any products given to winning reader must be sent by company official and include tracking information**

I am blessed to be able to attend Bloggy Bootcamp this year. Bloggy Bootcamp hosts over 800 Bloggers. This conference has gained rave reviews for it’s educational attributes. I was highly impressed by the fact that they offer search engine optimization as one of their topics. This topic alone will help to boost Tamona’s Tips  into the forefront for 2013. Please view a full list of the areas of expertise taught at this event:

Business of Blogging: This 2 hour break out will cover everything from contracts to creating media kits to pitching effectively to running successful campaigns and giveaways and wrap up reports. We’ll be talking money and what you need to know to “go pro”.

Using StumbleUpon and Pinterest: These tools are an amazing asset to build your traffic and engage a wider audience. Learn how they work and how to use them effectively.

Going Hyper-Local: This new trend is blogging is growing quickly. Bloggers are not only creating local sites to keep their communities informed, but they are also working as consultants with local small businesses.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization matters. Learn easy and effective techniques to building your sites ranking.

Design: Is your blog putting it’s best foot forward? We break it down- the good, the bad, the ugly and the fabulous. Small changes can have a huge impact.

Writer’s Workshop: A full 2 hour breakout for those interested in crafting excellent content. Nothing like sitting in a room with a bunch of writers who “get it”.

Ebooks– Developing and market an ebook is easier than you might think.

As you can see, this conference is designed for the education and betterment of Bloggers. Each conference that I will attend this year will be focused on making myself a better Blogger so that I might be able to better represent companies who have an interest in reaching my readers.