Reverse Osmosis System and Things You Did Not Know

Disadvantage of Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis filter for residential purposes has a big disadvantage which is large quantity of waste water; the ratio of refined water of each filter is from 5 to 15% depending on each kind of water. The rest is waste water which has contaminants, concentrated mineral salt and will be discharged. To have 5 gallons of refined water is to discharge 4 to 90 gallons of waste water from Reverse Osmosis System. For industrial purposes, they install a chain of Reverse Osmosis filter to raise the ratio of refined water up to 45%.

Reverse Osmosis System

But RO System is a invention from the United States and it is the most innovative water purification technology in the world nowadays.

In conclusion, RO filter effectively removes all impurities, solids, and dissolved impurities, almost everything that is not water. Thus, Reverse Osmosis System brings us purified water.

Reverse Osmosis System and Things You Did Not Know

The World Health Organization warns of problems from RO System.

Warning of Reverse Osmosis water:

People simply know that RO System is a advanced system in water purification, but they do not know that Reverse Osmosis System also removes good minerals from water. In reality, this System removes 92 to 99% good minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium.  In addition, there are several important problems that need to be mentioned.

After analyzing hundreds of scientific studies related to water demineralization in samples of Reverse Osmosis System, World Health Organization published a report that stated Reverse Osmosis System “has an obviously adverse impact for animal and human body”.

Consumer is often concerned about the ability to remove as many matters as well rather than caring about whether refined water improves health or causes adverse problems for health. World Health Organization clearly stated that harmful substances in water becomes beneficial for human health in a very small certain limit. Thus, Reverse Osmosis System removes those subtances does not effect to human’s health in a bad way.

Reporting through hundreds of scientific studies on water purification technology shows an obvious reality in the use of Reverse Osmosis water in a long time can not cause serious side effects. Those impacts, which are made by the imbalance of minerals including Magnesium or Calcium, are not only from Reverse Osmosis water. Water from waterworks could not have as many minerals as natural mineral water which is sold separately on the market. Therefore, the attribution of serious risks that Reverse Osmosis System affects human health by removing all beneficial minerals in water lacks of infrastructure.

More information from reports of World Health Organization

Calcium and Magnesium are both essential elements. Calcium is a vital element for construction of bones and teeth. Besides, it has an important role in neuromuscular stimulation, proper function of heart conduction system, heart and muscle contractions, intracellular information transmission and blood’s coagulability. Magnesium has a valued role as a cofactor to activate more than 300 enzyme reactions including glycolysis, transportation elements such as Calcium, Kali and Natrium, Biology Adenosine triphosphate, synthesize proteins and nucleic acids by membrane.

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