What Matter You Have To Pay Attention In Case Of Buying Mini Ice Maker?

buying mini ice maker

Before buying the mini ice maker, you should consider the following notices to choose the most suitable product for your family.

buying mini ice makerIce maker structure

Ice maker structure has a compact format with fast speed to make ice (only takes about 8-10 minutes), runs smoothly and is easily manipulated. You initiatively pour clean water into the container body, choose ice mode on the machine’s display to easily make ice cubes.

The cost of buying the machine

Today there are several lines of pure ice mini makers on the market with the average price of more than 3 million dong, depending on the volume.


You need to consider the amount of ice that you often use to select the appropriate volume makers (ranging from 15 – 18L will give 5kg ices in once).

Reputable manufacturers

You should choose ice makers of reputable manufacturers with good engine warranty, at the same time, you can try to produce ices by makers to test the size of pure ices and the “old” to avoid buying poor quality makers with small ices so they are quickly melt.buying mini ice maker

The size of the maker

You should pay attention to the size of the ice cube maker (usually with dimensions of 340 x 415 x 345 (mm)), which is lightweight and does not occupy much space in order to be convenient for moving and installations.

The ice machine sanitation cleanliness should be taken to ensure health and safety, to produce clean ices for family to use, so you should buy ice mini makers that are swappable, easy to clean trays, vases water.buying mini ice maker

In order to avoid opaque and non-transparent ice cubes, or unpleasant odors, you should ensure to supply clean water, the water tank of the maker is bactericidal and easy to clean.

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