Making your own sewing machine table

Have you ever thought to own a sewing machine for yourself and make your own sewing machine table based on your hobby and your creativity? However, you may do not know how to make it. Do not worry! Here are some steps that help you to make one for yourself.

Step 1: Choose a suitable table

You have to choose one table that is suitable for your height, which can help you work comfortably and effectively. You will not get your back, your neck, your shoulders, and your wrists tired if you work with the sewing machine table you fit with. Do not worry about the color of the table, you will paint it with the color you want later.

Step 2: Make a hole in the table to put the sewing machine on

After you chose one table that meets your requirement, you start your working. First, you should draw a hole that fits with your best small sewing machine you chose before. Then, you will use a drill to make the hole based on the line you just drew. Next, you should make the hole become smooth and nice so that it would be better with the sewing machine.

Step 3: Make a bracket

Now, in the back of the table, we will make a bracket which includes two wood bars fitting the length of the table and the piece of wood – the shelf – which is longer than the hole.

Then, you will attach the two wood bars next to the length of the hole, of course, each bar will go with one length side of the hole. After that, you will use the screws to make the bars and the shelf go with together. You will have to make it become suitable for the machine. It means that the sewing machine sits in the hole beautifully.

You may also cut another hole for the power code on the table, which makes the sewing machine table look appropriate.

Step 4: Make your sewing machine table show your style

After finishing all the steps of making a sewing machine table, you can arrange and decorate it so that it becomes your own. You can decorate it based on your hobby and make it show your style. Moreover, you can paint the table with the color suitable for the surrounding things, which makes your house more modern and harmonious.

Another important problem you need to concern about is the position you set your sewing machine table. It will affect the way you make your table, and also the way and the color you decorate it. Therefore, you should choose the position for the sewing machine table before you start to make it.

By simple steps above, do you want to make a sewing machine table by yourself? I hope that they are really useful for the people who want to. When seeing something that you do by yourself, you will feel happy and proud of it because it shows your style as well as your creativity most effectively.

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