How To Maintain And Clean Washing Machine Properly

Regularly cleaning washing machine is a necessary task in order to extend its lifespan more as well as ensure safeness for the users. Therefore, today we would like to advise you simple method to take care of your washing machine as well as guidance steps to preserve and clean it properly, applied to some popular models from Panasonic, Electrolux, LG, and Samsung Sanyo.

How to clean the washing machine properly

Step 1: First you need to disconnect the power supply of the washing machine to perform cleaning safely. Then use a soft rag, wiping out the entire machine. You should not use hard brushes or utensils and detergents to clean because they may cause harm to the plastic parts or discolor coating of the washing machine.

Step 2: To avoid water obstruction by the dusty dregs clinging to the filter net (strainer) of water supply valve, you need to do the following:

– Firstly, you should lock the source of water for the washing machine, then start swirling water pipe connecting to the water supply valve of a washing machine. Meanwhile, you can see the strainer inside, you use pincers to remove the strainer out of the water supply valve. Then you use a toilet brush, scrub the strainer cleanly and fit it as before.

– Note: When cleaning washing machine you need to scrub carefully, avoid puncturing, tearing the strainer of the water supply valve.

Step 3:

  • Cleaning lint filter in the washing machine (For vertical drum washing machine): Remove the lint filter from the machine, then use the toilet brush to scrub carefully. You need to do this task regularly if you do not want your washing machine to get “trouble”. Then re-insert the lint filter into the original place. This is the proper cleaning method.
  • For the horizontal drum washing machine, there is always a filter (blue / gray) in the drum, you swing it down the washing machine then open to remove the sediments out, clean and fit back as before.

Step 4: Continue to implement a proper hygiene washing machine. With the type of washing machine having drain pump, you also need to clean the pump strainer. Use the screwdriver to remove the cover of the discharge pump, this position is typically located behind the washer. After doing that step, you use your hands to whirl and open the pump cover then remove the dusty objects out of the pump.

– Check the pump if there is leakage, especially check the rubber seal in the lid section in order to see if there is any problem and then insert all parts into the washing machine as before.

SC-drum jpeg

Step 5: Next, cleaning the fabric softener and detergent compartments as soon as finishing washing. Note, some washing machines are also designed filter for the fabric softener compartment, normally, it is located at the top of the water discharge pipe inside, so you need to clean the strainer too.

Step 6: You clean the washing drum with the cleaning mode (let the washing machine run, do not put anything inside), this mode is already available in many machines. 

The effective method to preserve washing machines

To preserve the best washing machine, you should follow four below steps:

  1. Turning off all power to the washing machine when they are not in use to avoid fire, tuck the device.
  2. Cleaning the outside body and cover of the machine is mainly to wipe.
  3. After you finish using the machine, should scrub, brush the compartment containing washing powder, fabric softener in order to avoid clotting. If they curdle so many times, it will affect the washing machine in later time.
  4. Cleaning dusty drum and strainer, each type of machine will have different ways to remove and set up, you can read the details in instructions.
  5. The area to place the washing machine should be cool, clean, not wet. The most important problem is that you should place the washing machine stably to reduce noise as well as extend its life.

With the steps to clean and maintain the washing machine at home above, hope you will know to take care of your machine for your family better.

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