How To Clean Washbasins And Taps

Tips for washbasin and tap cleaning

  • Remove the dirt from your washbasin and taps by a small piece of fabric or sponge with suitable cleaning products. Make sure that you frequently replace that piece to avoid bacteria’s growth.
  • Dispose the cleaning products near the washbasin for convenience. Creamy cleaning products are the best because they can effectively remove the dirt and oil in your washbasin and taps.
  • Pay attention to sockets and other fixed items nearby the washbasins and taps while cleaning them. Remember to clean from the bottom to the top of the tap – an old brush is useful in this case. Repair rusty tap to avoid the formation of smears.
  • Clean the outside of washbasin. Wipe it with dry towel or tissue. Check your work carefully to make sure that you removed all the dirt in the washbasins and taps.
  • Using cleaning products with warm water to clean washbasin and tap every day helps to avoid the dirt and rust. Always keep the small piece of fabric for wiping clean and near the washbasin.

Tips to clean washbasin from different materials

Porcelain washbasins

The surface of washbasins from this material is beautiful. Here are some ways to clean them:

  • Use warm water or mixture of warm water and cleaning products to prevent the damage from acids and high corrosives
  • With light – colored smears in the washbasin, use warm water and vinegar to clean.

Metallic washbasins

Stainless steel is wonderful material to avoid terrible smears and stubborn marks of oil in the washbasin.

  • To remove rust, mix a few alcohol dregs with lemon juice, then apply the mixture on the smears, rust and clean with water. If it is difficult to remove the rust or smears, leave the mixture on them for several hours, then clean the washbasin as usual. The last step is wiping your washbasin with a dry piece of fabric.
  • To get the better shine of washbasin after cleaning, baking soda powder can be applied
  • Water remaining in the washbasin from stainless steel can cause the small spots of rust. This status can be treated by dry the washbasin after using it
  • Do not use pieces of fabric from low-quality materials as they may damage the surface of the washbasin

Washbasins from combined materials

This type of washbasin is easy to be cleaned. You just clean it frequently and use cleaning products which do not wear out the surface of the basin or ones suitable for washbasin’s surface containing acrylic

Some more tips

  • To remove the smears, wipe the basin with vinegar, then dry it with a soft and clean piece of fabric. With stubborn dirt, pour vinegar right on the dirt, then cover it with toilet paper for about 2 hours, finally clean it.
  • Use some alcohol dregs with lemon juice to remove the rust from metallic washbasin. Should the rust is difficult to be removed, leave the mixture on them for several hours then clean.
  • Mix 2 coffee spoons of vinegar and one coffee spoon of salt, then sprinkle the washbasin with the compound to remove the dirt.

You can clean quickly your washbasin by sprinkle the washbasin with  baking soda, wait a moment and clean it to get the expected result

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