How Effective Is Teamwork?


Teamwork is known as the ways that many people perform a task well together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork helps individuals complement shortcomings for one another and improve themselves.


In each organization, group, or agency, individuals and members should practice teamwork skills effectively in the essential cases in order to build a complete team and combine together in any circumstances.

The difficulties when working in groups:

When working in group, the first challenge is disagreement, each team member has their own opinions, moreover, they often only recognize others’ drawbacks but strengths. In contrast, they just see their own strong points but weaknesses.


The next difficulty is to keep the unity of the group, this isn’t sometimes exposed but easily brings about the disbandment. The conflict between the members coming from any aspect is usually just small things but if not flexibly handled with, it will lead to unpredictable consequences. Teamwork is an essential task.

teamworkOther difficulties:

– Some people are interested in task, but some just rely on others.  

– Each one has their own ideas and no one wants to listen to others.

– There is usually only a primary person and others are supplementary.

– It’s the most perfect to do it alone.

– I used to do a translating subject with two friends but ultimately, I had to complete the whole. That’s it!

Effective skills in teamwork:

teamworkListen to others:

Listening helps team members deeply understand one another, get others’ weaknesses and give suggestions to correct the problems. Therefore, when joining in teamwork, let practice your listening skills.

Gain organizational skills:

 Organizational skills are leader’s task, the leader must have the ability to empower other members, solve problems that arise in the group, and ensure uniformity among members in order to work without interruption due to any reasons. Besides, teamwork skills are to know how to organize tasks. This is also members’ duty in the group. As assigned tasks, members must know how to conduct them scientifically, don’t let workflow be too slow in comparison with the other members in order to ensure that work must be completed on time.


Give mutual help and respect.

Besides, the members should respect one another, should not think that you are better than others then dignify yourself and disregard them. Mutual help and respect among the team members are the biggest motivation to work towards the final common goals. Teamwork skills will help team members combine together.

Be responsible for assigned work.

Whenever working alone or in group, you also need to practice skills of responsibility for work. As the result is not perfect, the responsibility just belongs to you if you work alone, however, this is different when you work in team. If you rely on others or don’t complete assigned tasks, this means you are causing a bad influence on the whole team. Meanwhile, the merit of those who try to do well is also denied, because only the final result measures work effectiveness, not just part of the work completed.

Encourage and develop individual.

This is skills for the leader, a skilled and talented leader is the person who knows how to encourage, motivate and facilitate the individuals’ development. If an individual is encouraged and facilitated their developments, they will get motivation to try harder at work and realize their own values.



You should know how to connect with other members when working in group, otherwise you’ll be alone or sometimes feel that no one appreciates yourself, but these are just your imagination. Let learn to attach to everyone because only the connection can give you a perfect team. The members will be more open-minded to share ideas and help one another in work and life.

teamworkCreate consensus.

Without teamwork skills, it is easy for team members to conflict because there are mixed opinions among them. At this time, creating a consensus is very important for the whole team towards the common benefits. Teamwork skills are not easy to get, because members must not only listen and respect others’ opinions but also know how to analyze right and wrong ideas and persuade your teammates.

Be impartial and honest.

When working in team, you should ignore all personal selfishness and nugatory things, don’t be envious of your teammates and avoid conflicting with other members. If you have to deal with the challenging situation, let be frank to give some comments immediately. If you can do this, your teammates will trust and respect you, simultaneously, they will also make a contribution to build group’s unity and create incentives to move forward. Unity and share are the most important teamwork skills that you should understand.

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