How to Dry Wet Shoes

Nobody wants to put their feet on a pair of damp shoes. It is actually uncomfortable, but not all knows how to handle it. There may be plenty of tips on drying wet shoes quickly and properly out there. However, what is the easiest way, most effective method but the least damaging result to dry wet shoes?

Using Hair Dryer – Should or Should Not?

Normally, people tends to use heat to dry wet items. Although hair dryer seems to be helpful to dry damp items apart from wet hair, is it alright to dry out your wet shoes? It is advisable not to use a hair dryer to dry your wet shoes because the high heat may ruin your shoes. Often, it will loosen the shoelaces a bit and pull out the tongue, causing the shape doesn’t stay the same.

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But in case you have no choice? Let them tightly wrapped inside an old pillow case. Throw it in your dryer for about 20 minutes, but use the lowest heat setting. However, in case this time doesn’t enough to help them completely dry, it should take a break for another 20 minutes of drying process. This way will minimize the risk of damage for the shoes, but have the shoes dried as quick as possible.

Using Table Fan

In case you have a table fan at home, take advantage of it. Firstly, you should remove laces and insoles from the shoes. Secondly, place them upside down in front of your running fan. Thirdly, it takes time to wait for them to completely dry.

Drying Naturally

In case you are in no hurry, let your wet shoes dry naturally is never bad idea. This helps to prevent your shoes from being ruined. Also, it helps to keep the shape staying good as long as it could. However, sun-drying may lead them to discolor. For this reason, place them upside down on the corner where is ventilated.

Stuffing with Newspaper

Many people still doubt about this trick, but it really works in this case. Plus, it costs nothing but no damage to the shoes happens. All to do is gathering some newspapers. Fill them inside the shoes. Of course, it is advisable to remove laces and insoles before stuffing with newspapers. Next step is waiting for one hour to replace another pieces of newspaper. Repeat the steps till they are completely dry. Wondering how many times of replacement lead to completely dry? No worry, it is just about two – three times of replacements within 2 – 3 hours.

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