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If you are here, you are here because you know how wonderful Tamona is and how wonderful it will be to work with her. Since you are not working for free, I guess you know Tamona is not working for free either.

If you would like to see Tamona post a review or just write about your company, these are the ways you will see your company discussed.

  • Blog Post
  • Tweet of Blog Post
  • Facebook posting of Post
  • Google + posting of Post
  • Pinterest posting of Post

**** Posts will gain more attention that you can imagine. Tamona is a Triberr member as well as a member of a highly active group. Your post will not only be tweeted by Tamona but you will also be tweeted by more than 10 other Bloggers with much larger followings. Several of these Bloggers have had television exposure.

Home Décor, Some Product Reviews, Crafts, and Recipe/Cooking posts will appear on both Tamona’s Tips and Grocery Shop For FREE! Due to the extra exposure as well as an appearance on several craft and recipe link-ups.

Elite Package

  • 2 Blog Posts (each including 2 links to the company website and/or Facebook page)
  • 2 Facebook Posts per blog post
  • 10 Tweets within a 2 week time span (5 per post)
  • 1 Pin to Pinterest (depending on topic)
  • Giveaway or product review featuring a prize for 1 lucky reader

Basic Package

  • 1 Blog Post (including 2 links to company website and/or Facebook page)
  • 1 Facebook Posts per blog post
  • 1 Tweet within a 2 week time span
  • 1 Pin to Pinterest (depending on topic)
  • Giveaway or product review featuring a prize for 1 lucky reader
**Any products given to winning reader must be sent by company official and include tracking information**

Maybe you want more. There is an A La Carte section as well.


Want an additional tweet each day? These tweets will still include tweets from over 10 bloggers as well as Tamona’s Tips.

  • Additional mentions of original post $10 each
  • Tweets of direct links to content on your site $10

Facebook Updates:

  • Additional mentions of original post on Facebook $10 each
  • Mentions of your Facebook page $10

Google + Updates:

  • Additional mentions of original post on Google+ $10 each
  • Mentions of your Google+ page $10

Pinterest Post:

  • Post on Pinterest of your post $10

Twitter Party Participation:

    • This is simple engaging other Twitter party guests as well as suggesting other Twitter followers attend your party. $300

When requesting product reviews and giveaways, you will need to send one product to Tamona for adequate testing. Please note that Tamona will be completely honest about her experience with your product regardless of compensation. It is extremely important that Tamona remain completely and blatantly honest. It’s in my nature.

When Tamona hosts a giveaway, please note that you are responsible for sending the winner their prizes. You will also be required to send shipping information (confirmations, etc.) to Tamona once the prize has been sent. When sending prizes, if your product does not arrive in a timely fashion, winners will contact me. I will need to give them an idea of when it will arrive or why it is delayed.

I have a passion for research. I have helped several websites test both functionality and consumer reach. Have you ever heard that you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather? This is true with websites. Websites take time but they also take a lot of attention to detail. You should never access your own site for things like functionality because you are too close to the project to remain impartial. This is where I come in.

If you have a site with a shopping feature, I spot the kinks and hangups that an average consumer would run into when using your site. I also contact consumers and potential consumers and gauge their interests and dislikes. This can be done through several avenues.

Holding Twitter parties are a great way to get people to open up about your product but if they know you are listening, they are not as forthcoming as you would like. I find the best way to gauge consumer interest is by speaking directly to consumers and having them test your products and you watch or interact with them face to face.

Phone interviews are a wonderful way to interact with consumers and have them test your website while speaking directly with me about their likes and dislikes. This information will be recorded and sent to you via email.


  • Specific points of interest
  • A gift (gift cards) for participating consumers
  • Deadline and prior payment
Fee:  $300
You could also choose to participate in the research study. If you choose to do something like this, I suggest a mixer. Mixers are laid back and fun. They do not have certain expectations and you can get your consumers in their comfort zone. When conducting mixers, you are responsible for the refreshments and the venue as well as gifts for participants. I also require you to submit plenty of information in regards to your products and website two weeks in advance. I want to be well versed in your companies interest so that I can convey plenty of knowledge to the potential consumers.
My personal fee for hosting a mixer is $600. I will help in the planning and will do a lot of follow up work with vendors and venues to assure that the event is on schedule. If I am going to be associated with your company, everything and everyone must be as professional and prompt as possible. All events must be completely planned two weeks in advance and OFFICIAL invites sent out no later than one week prior to the date of the mixer.

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