How to clean a keurig coffee maker at home

Cleaning and descaling a keurig coffee machine play an important role to enjoy the best delicious cups of coffee every morning and maintain your keurig machine in good shape for many used years. If you are hesitant how the way is to clean quickly and to not lose much time, or you don’t remember when you don’t wipe down your keurig at home or the best keurig coffee maker for home, it should be recommended to read this blog and do following these steps right now:


-Watermaxresdefault (1)

-White vinegar: 1 bottle (500 ml)


-Wiping cloth (dry cloth and clean cloth)

Preparing steps

Unplug the keurig at first

This preparation may be very simple, but actually, it is very important to keep you in safety. And, in some unexpected case, some people often carelessly forget to check if a keurig machine is in active state or not, so that they may get some danger with the machine.

Remove all the disconnected parts  of the machine

In this step, you should ensure that you know clearly about what a machine has. You can read the paper of instruction before removing or ask someone who knows about it. You should also need to remember all for the next time.

Some removable pieces of the keurig are a lid, a K-cup holder on the top of the machine, a tray, a reservoir.

Cleaning steps

When all the removable pieces of the machine are disconnected, they should be cleaned in warm soapy water by hand. Afterwards, you should make them dry by using a dry cloth.

Clean inside pieces with vinegar

After open the K-cup holder on the top of the keurig, you can see that there are two needles inside which are not able to remove. However, you can use a small clean cloth and soak it in vinegar solution, then clean one after another. Be careful because these two needles are very sharp!clean-keurig

The final task in this step is to descale the Keurig

When opening the keurig machine, you will see a reservoir that is used to contain coffee liquid solution. This solution is usually brewed in a long time and may be sticked coffee dregs on it. To deal with this matter, you can mix a half of white vinegar and water and pour fully the water into the reservoir, then brew in 30 minutes without having K-cup holder.

This process may last longer depending on how long you haven’t descaled your Keurig. But, remember to empty the water in reservoir after finishing the brew. In addition, you should usually clean the surface of the keurig coffee machine in order to keep it shining.

Finally, you should put the parts in the right location again. As talking above, this step requires you must remember the right order of all the removable parts. You can read the paper of instruction if you don’t know exactly where they are.

That sounds it is not essential to clean the Keurig frequently, but to keep it in good shape and to enjoy tasting cups of coffee with the family at home, this task should be done from 3 to 6 months if you use the keurig constantly.

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