Funniest Blogger in DFW

Tamona is a work at home mom with a husband known only as The Honey and four children, lovingly referred to as, The Tax Deductions. She has taken on the ADHD of others and loves to spread her chaotic mind around the world. It’s okay that I refer to myself in third person, they haven’t locked me away yet.

Pretty much a scatterbrain, I am still figuring a lot of things out along the way.  Like many people, I struggle with weight issues and I don’t mind sharing the bitterness it brings.

I provide content for various websites but since this is my site and not theirs, let’s talk about me a little more.  When I am not forcing The Honey to feed me peeled grapes, I am off to one more sports event, field trip, or self inspired hair brained adventure. The Tax Deductions, oh you probably call them children, serve as consultants for reviews and things like that. Gotta get all the work you can out of them before they turn eighteen and get a restraining order. I will warn you that when it comes to reviews, you will get the TRUTH. My allergy to lies won’t let me say your stuff isgreat unless it is truly great.   Bloggers who sing the praises of companies that do not deserve the accolades because untrustworthy and I won’t put myself in that type of category. If you don’t want the truth, don’t bother reading or requesting a review!

Tamona IS a plus sized Blogger (third person again and still free). I don’t hide my lovely lady lumps. Lord knows the people on Youtube are there to remind me even if  I forget. With that being said, keep in mind that Tamona will not be interested in climbing mountains or running marathons. She finds this to be a lovely use of energy but if you are not chasing her, don’t expect her to run. Please feel free to entice her as if your first name was chocolate and last name cake.