5 Mistakes Which  Are Easy To Make When Using A Hair Dryer


Using hair dryer improperly is also the culprit causing damaged hair. Using a hair dryer is the common way that women often choose to save time, however, using improperly is also one of the culprits that quietly destroy the beauty of the hair. Here are 5 mess-ups that are easy to meet every day when you use a hair dryer.

  1.    Being lazy to brush the hair before drying

This is one of the steps that is easier to neglect, after wiping the hair temporarily, you often use the hair dryer immediately. This will make hair dry unevenly and the cuticle of hair damaged, then lead to lose hair. Therefore, before you use the hair dryer, you should take the comb and brush your hair in order to make the hairs dry safely.Using A Hair Dryer

  1.    Using small-tooth comb

Brushing hair while drying is a combination that often is applied in the different case, the purpose of this is to make the hair dry equally. However, if using the fine-toothed or metal tooth comb can easily increase the temperature of hair then make them broken. The best way to do is to use the comb made of plastic with wide-toothed to brush hair while drying.Using A Hair Dryer

  1.    Drying hair when it is too wet

Many women immediately dry hair when they have just taken a shower in order to save time. However it is quite a serious mistake because when the hair is wet, it need to use the heat from the hair dryer longer and this makes the cuticle of hair hard and easily broken as well as tangled. Thus, before using the hair dryer, let take a little time to absorb water on hairs by a soft cotton towel.Using A Hair Dryer

  1. Using A Hair Dryer   Using too high temperature

Because want to shorten the time for drying the hair, many of you are in a hurry to use the high-temperature dryer. When the high-temperature influence on the hair, it will be scalded and broken. Therefore, don’t too hurry, let choose the low mode to dry your hair.

  1.    Moving the hair dryer

Putting the dryer in one area too long causes hair easily affected by excessive heat that makes hair scalded and broken. Thus, while drying hair, you should move the dryer regularly in order to let the air blow in and make the hair dry naturally and healthily.

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