How To Make Mold-Able/Moon Sand

by Tamona on May 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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Today’s Tuesday Tip is brought to your by TD #4!

If you ever wonder who put that on the floor, look no further than Tax Deduction #4!

For this project you will need:

5 cups of all purpose flour

1 cup of any brand baby oil

Since summer is around the corner, you will want something to keep your tax deductions busy. One project we find to be a keeper is making mold-able sand. You have seen commercials for moon sand and I am sure you have heard your children ask you to buy it. I am pretty cheap and I am a huge fan of fun on a budget. Tax Deduction #4 is always asking for things he sees on television. This is one of his favorite fun on a budget projects. It is truly easy to make but due to the fact that baby oil is extremely dangerous, I would not suggest making this for a child who puts fingers and other items in their mouths.

Let’s begin:

Pour 5 cups of flour into a container. I chose to cover a small table with plastic wrap and work directly on the surface.


2. Slowly add 1 cup of baby oil to the flour. Get the children involved in this project by asking them to work the baby oil into the flour while you slowly pour.

When you are done you will notice the consistency to be much like a mold-able sand.

The consistency is crumbly yet clean. The children will love it. You can add food coloring to the baby oil to make a more colorful variation of sand. This light tanned color works for my son today because he has an Egyptian project that involves him making a burial room.

The start of a table within the burial room that will hold jars of organs!

Not every child is into ways to play from television, some prefer something from the culinary field(TD #3)!

Scrambled eggs and sugar toast! *You cannot win them all*

Next week TD #3 will bring you a recipe from his own cookbook. I promise, it will be healthier lol!

**** This sand smells amazing! If you are not into this project for your kids, I would suggest re-purposing old candle jars and putting this sand inside. This would be beautiful in a room that has a sea, celestial, or beach theme. This room will smell amazing and look beautiful!****

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