Crafts: Creating A Lotus Flower

by Tamona on July 4, 2011 · 4 comments

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I am always looking for something that The Tax Deductions and I can do together. They are typically looking for something to do while mom is working, so this works out. The level of difficulty on these crafts will vary. I have pre-school crafts all the way to party and home decor crafts that can all be done with your little ones. This week we are creating a Lotus Flower.

TD#1 loves all things flowers. She created a beautiful Lotus flower out of notebook paper and decided it would make a great decoration in the front yard when she meets with her weekly reading group on the lawn.



  • 12 sheets of colorful paper
  • 1ft of wire

Level of Difficulty:

  • Moderate

The white paper in the background is the completed Lotus Flower made of notebook paper. She chose to add color to the ones that will adorn the front lawn. The only supplies you will need will be 4 sheets of paper that will make the bottom of the lotus flower and 8 sheets of paper that will make up the flower pedals. The wire will tie all of the colors together.

  • Fold the pedal papers as shown

It is hard to see the edge so I will show it from another angle.

Fold all pieces of paper, exactly the same.

Now it is time to wrap them with wire.

Place two pedal papers inside of themselves. Place the leaf paper in side of the pedal paper that is on top.

*I had her do this in reverse for the picture so that you could see it better.* Wrap the wire around the paper as shown above.

Now its time to pinch the pedals upward. Curl the green papers toward the wire slightly. Remember, these are your leaves. Do this with one layer at a time. *Remember the picture above is in reverse for teaching purposes.*

When you are done, your flower will look like this:

How to Incorporate This Into Your Life:

  • Throw a Percy Jackson themed birthday party and put little cupcakes in the center.
  • Use as place cards to assign seats at get togethers and parties.
  • Hide little gifts in them and give them away at parties in the place of an over sized goodie bag.
  • Use them as general party decorations.  (Percy Jackson, Princess and The Frog, etc.)
  • Creative Party Invitations

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