10 Excellent Travel Destinations In Korean Winter

Korea attracts tourists by the beautiful scenery and interesting culture, which are reflected partly in the winter of this country. Winter is one of the ideal time to travel to Korea. Winter in Korea is very harsh, especially for those who are less able to suffer from coldness. However, with the romantic scenery, the winter in Korea has become a great tourist destination.

Coming here, visitors will be amazed with the many exciting recreational activities in the winter, the cold could not deter people here from enjoying their lives. These activities also make them love the winter more. The activities that you should not ignore if visiting Korea in this season are:


Street Korean Cuisine is always new and attractive thing to tourists, therefore, snacking together on the street is a very interesting experience for them when coming here for sightseeing and shopping. These snacks are sold only in the winter. Roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts are the most typical dishes which are more preferred. The winter here will not be winter if it is lack of the aroma of baked sweet potato in the corner or is short of light from the fragrant chestnut oven.

Joining in skiing at the Everland: Everland is the largest amusement parks in Korea with funny entertainments for the winter, including the giant ski area with many different high slopes for the player. This is a destination that should not to be missed if you travel to Korean in the winter.


Participating in ice fishing festival in Pyeongchang Gangwon-do: The fishing festival takes place from December 22 to February 5 every year and is an exciting tourist activity for visitors. Ice has been tested and determined to be safe for the contest, the minimum thickness is 40 cm. The winner will be allowed to bring fish to the restaurant then ask them to process it then have a funny dinner with family and friends. However, to catch fish on the ice successfully is not a simple thing.

– Joining in skiing at the Bearstown resort: With more than 70% of the area is mountainous, Gyeonggi-do which is 50 minute from Seoul by bus is a funny ski location for those who love adventure.

Soaking in the hot springs water park Spavis in Asan: This is the place that helps you find warmth in the cold of winter.

Participating in the concert for the couples in the Christmas Eve: It would be great if you and your half go to Korea to welcome Christmas.

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