How Effective Is Teamwork?

Teamwork is known as the ways that many people perform a task well together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork helps individuals complement shortcomings for one another and improve themselves.


In each organization, group, or agency, individuals and members should practice teamwork skills effectively in the essential cases in order to build a complete team and combine together in any circumstances.

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Improve Your Home Workshop Safety

Working in a workshop, it is not avoidable for you to have the exposure to dust made while your working process. These dusts not only are harmful to your health but also influences negatively on the machine in your workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these hateful small rubbishes out of our working place as soon as possible. However, with a large amount of dust scattered every where, it is not simple for you to get rid of them if you just use a broom only because this requires a lot of time and effort. Also, for the flammable dust, it may cause a fire if you do not control it properly. Fortunately, you can carry out this task easily by following some useful tips listed in this post:

Check the electric system in your workshop regularly


As you know, electricity plays an indispensable role in a workshop because most of machines operate by this type of energy. However, electricity is also one of top factor that cause fire which can be dangerous for both people and property there. When the short circuit happens, it can make fire if it has a chance to contact with flammable materials. Therefore, you should check the electric system in your workshop on the regular basis as well as repair and replace the broken electric wire and equipment to prevent this unexpected situation.

Avoid using fire


Smoking or using fire in your workshop is not recommended unless the materials you use and process are not related to wood or other inflammable ones. If there is any stage which needs to use fire, it is better if you can arrange a separate place or room for that task so that dust in your workshop will not have the chance to meet blaze and cause terrible fire.

Clean your workshop regularly


Every day, after finish your work, you should not forget to eliminate dust in your workshop. It is recommended that you should use the modern and professional which is designed for collecting workshop dust only. On the market, these smart products from famous and genuine producers. If you do not know which one is the most suitable for your workplace, you can consult some reliable dust collector reviews on the internet. The advanced features of these products are that they can help you to collect dust quickly, safely and cleanly.

Set up the dust collecting system

If you financial condition is not limited, you can invest a modern system which mainly collects dust made during your working process and then expels these little things to a certain container or an available hole. After finish working, you can open this container and gather dust in it then put to the dustbin.

In short, controlling dust in your workshop is an important thing that you should take into consideration. It can not only keep your workplace clean, maintain your health but also prevent you from fatal accidents. Therefore, don’t forget to consult the tips below to get the most effective dust control.

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How to purify Home Air for better mood?

You always think that it is very dangerous for your health to go outdoors because of many environmental pollutants, however, not many people are aware that there are much more factors which are reducing your home air quality. In details, the air inside your own home is actually about 4 times more toxic and polluted than the outdoor air. It seems to be unbelievable to you but it is the truth. We are doing so many good things for our health such as pop pills, medical check-ups to avoid diseases and allergies but we forgot the most basic thing- the quality of the air in our own home, which we almost breath 24 hours a day. Harmful chemicals and toxins come from everywhere in your home, even from the pillow you are sleeping on, breathing in those dangerous things may cause irritation in your eyes, rashes and asthma which can get worse if you don’t have any method to solve the problem. However, you don’t have to worry about that because there are many different ways for you to purify home air, and the followings are some common ways you should care about if you want to clean the air in your own home.

Purify Home Air with Houseplants

This is one of the natural ways to rejuvenate and purify home air, saving you from toxics like formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene also. It is true to say that growing houseplants is one of the best ways to reduce the impact of indoor pollution, especially when one of your family member has a respiratory problem. To make this right, there should be at least 1 plant per 100 square feet in your home, it will be much easier you to clean the air. There are so many options for you when it comes to houseplants, for examples, they are Lady Palm which prefers indirect, bright light and can be adaptable, Peace Lily which prefers sunlight and Areca Palm which usually grows in indirect, bright light and can grow anywhere in your home.


Beside growing houseplants, you can use some equipment like dehumidifier to increase the air quality in your home. It is obvious that mold allergies are a main contributor to asthma, which can be very dangerous, especially for your children. But more importantly, many allergy triggers such as mildew, mold and dust mites can thrive in a humid environment. That is the main reason why dehumidifiers are designed to regulate the moisture content in the air, making your home much less hospitable to some allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites. These machines are very useful because they can be installed or portable in your own home, and you can completely use them to reduce the level of humidity and dust in order to remove allergies and solve other problems related to breathing.



Many people don’t understand how important humidity is and always think that their homes are humidified enough but it is the fact that the lack of humidity may lead to some serious health problems including nosebleed, rashes and dryness in nasal passages. They are all related to the extremely dry air and that is why you need a humidifier in your own home to add more moisture to the dry. It will help you soothe dryness, skin irritation and many other serious health problems, it is also known as a preventative method with the ability to eliminate or limit bacteria and viruses which thrive in the dry air.

Air conditioners

Portable Air Conditioner
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No one can deny that an air conditioners is very beneficial because it can help us filter and circulate the indoor air. In general, an air conditioner contains a filter which can remove many allergens and other pollutants when it pulls the air from inside the house. The system can actually help you to reduce the indoor air pollution, particularly when the quality of outside air is poor. However, an air conditioner can improve and renew the air quality only when it is well maintained so it is very important for you to clean your air conditioner regularly so that it can work properly. You should keep in mind that an air conditioners that is not properly maintained can cause you many problems with allergies and asthma.

Air purifiers

An air purifier is a very useful device for you to remove contaminants from the air inside your own home. Especially when your family member have to suffer from allergies or asthmatics, it will help you remove all dust, mold spores and many other triggering allergies which are harmful to sensitive people. In addition, an air purifier also protect you by eliminating tobacco smoke, if one of your family members likes smoking, and it has the ability to capture a great number of bacterial, viruses and even particulates damaging DNA in humans.

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5 Mistakes Which  Are Easy To Make When Using A Hair Dryer

Using hair dryer improperly is also the culprit causing damaged hair. Using a hair dryer is the common way that women often choose to save time, however, using improperly is also one of the culprits that quietly destroy the beauty of the hair. Here are 5 mess-ups that are easy to meet every day when you use a hair dryer.

  1.    Being lazy to brush the hair before drying

This is one of the steps that is easier to neglect, after wiping the hair temporarily, you often use the hair dryer immediately. This will make hair dry unevenly and the cuticle of hair damaged, then lead to lose hair. Therefore, before you use the hair dryer, you should take the comb and brush your hair in order to make the hairs dry safely.Using A Hair Dryer

  1.    Using small-tooth comb

Brushing hair while drying is a combination that often is applied in the different case, the purpose of this is to make the hair dry equally. However, if using the fine-toothed or metal tooth comb can easily increase the temperature of hair then make them broken. The best way to do is to use the comb made of plastic with wide-toothed to brush hair while drying.Using A Hair Dryer

  1.    Drying hair when it is too wet

Many women immediately dry hair when they have just taken a shower in order to save time. However it is quite a serious mistake because when the hair is wet, it need to use the heat from the hair dryer longer and this makes the cuticle of hair hard and easily broken as well as tangled. Thus, before using the hair dryer, let take a little time to absorb water on hairs by a soft cotton towel.Using A Hair Dryer

  1. Using A Hair Dryer   Using too high temperature

Because want to shorten the time for drying the hair, many of you are in a hurry to use the high-temperature dryer. When the high-temperature influence on the hair, it will be scalded and broken. Therefore, don’t too hurry, let choose the low mode to dry your hair.

  1.    Moving the hair dryer

Putting the dryer in one area too long causes hair easily affected by excessive heat that makes hair scalded and broken. Thus, while drying hair, you should move the dryer regularly in order to let the air blow in and make the hair dry naturally and healthily.

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10 Excellent Travel Destinations In Korean Winter

Korea attracts tourists by the beautiful scenery and interesting culture, which are reflected partly in the winter of this country. Winter is one of the ideal time to travel to Korea. Winter in Korea is very harsh, especially for those who are less able to suffer from coldness. However, with the romantic scenery, the winter in Korea has become a great tourist destination.

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How To Maintain And Clean Washing Machine Properly

Regularly cleaning washing machine is a necessary task in order to extend its lifespan more as well as ensure safeness for the users. Therefore, today we would like to advise you simple method to take care of your washing machine as well as guidance steps to preserve and clean it properly, applied to some popular models from Panasonic, Electrolux, LG, and Samsung Sanyo.

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How To Clean Washbasins And Taps

Tips for washbasin and tap cleaning

  • Remove the dirt from your washbasin and taps by a small piece of fabric or sponge with suitable cleaning products. Make sure that you frequently replace that piece to avoid bacteria’s growth.
  • Dispose the cleaning products near the washbasin for convenience. Creamy cleaning products are the best because they can effectively remove the dirt and oil in your washbasin and taps.
  • Pay attention to sockets and other fixed items nearby the washbasins and taps while cleaning them. Remember to clean from the bottom to the top of the tap – an old brush is useful in this case. Repair rusty tap to avoid the formation of smears.
  • Clean the outside of washbasin. Wipe it with dry towel or tissue. Check your work carefully to make sure that you removed all the dirt in the washbasins and taps.
  • Using cleaning products with warm water to clean washbasin and tap every day helps to avoid the dirt and rust. Always keep the small piece of fabric for wiping clean and near the washbasin.
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Compare online education with traditional education

Online education is becoming the choice of a department of international students, who wishes to attend international courses at low cost and flexible time. Considering the fact, the two forms of this study are the pros and cons highlights certain. Let’s compare online education with traditional education nowadays.

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